Promotional Merchandise Guidelines

Cleveland Clinic Promotional Items

In addition employees have the ability to purchase extra uniforms

What can be ordered?

Promotional Items
View our catalog.

Who can order?

Cleveland Clinic employees (for Cleveland Clinic use) can order though this process with appropriate account cost center.

Who can I buy from?

Corporate Imaging Concepts

How do I order?

You may purchase standard catalog items through PunchOut. PunchOut allows you to shop on a vendor website, select items, and submit your shopping cart to Lawson, where it will go through Cleveland Clinic’s normal requisition approval process.

To use PunchOut:

  1. Request access to Lawson and PunchOut if you don’t already have it. Complete the Lawson Punchout Request Form with your name, email address and employee ID, and request access to “SciQuest.” SciQuest connects you to online catalogs and vendor PunchOut links.
  2. Follow these order instructions.

Additional questions or support:

The SCM Transactional Support Team is also available to answer any questions – or 216.448.8000

Custom Promotional Items

Work with Supply Chain Management (SCM) for quotes on Custom promotional items such as non-standard items or standard items with logos or imprints that fall outside what is available on the Punchout site.

Order through Lawson as an “X” or “Special Item”.

On the requisition request, each item is to be broken out onto its own line with the following fields completed: Item Number, Item Description, Unit of Measure, Quantity, and Price Per Each. Lump sum requisitions cannot be approved.

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