Producing Your Project

Get multiple estimates

Enterprise policy requires that you get multiple estimates for most print projects. Print jobs less than 100 copies or 500 total pages and do not require multiple estimates. Use your local office copier for these projects.

Printing estimates typically do not include shipping or mailing costs. If you plan to send the finished products, you will need to add shipping or mailing costs to your budget.

Project Type Guidelines
Minor Costs less than $300
Possible use of Canon copiers if applicable
Consider Xerox or Ricoh if not printing on department printer
Small Costs more than $300 but less than $1,000
Secure two competitive quotes from Approved Vendor List
At least one quote from Xerox or Ricoh
Medium Costs more than $1,000 but less than $3,000
Secure three competitive quotes from Approved Vendor List
At least one quote from Xerox or Ricoh
Contact Marketing or Supply Chain for assistance
Large Costs more than $3,000
Contact Supply Chain to secure competitive bids
Business cards
Intranet: My Services > Products/Purchasing Guides > Stationery Ordering System

Quantities to print
For jobs sent to a mail house, printers will send a percentage of “overs” (extras) to accommodate for errors (spoilage) during addressing. Typically, you can expect 2 to 3 percent to be added to your original quantity.

Don’t forget to ask for samples for your records. Also request that any “overs” remaining after mailing be sent to you.

Finishing is the final stage of the printing process. It’s when the printer performs trimming, folding and binding.

Don’t forget to add production time for scoring and folding, if needed.

Submit your file

All electronic files should be submitted to the printer as high-resolution (300 dpi) PDF files, with crop marks and bleeds, if applicable.

For more about file formats that professional printers may require, see OnBrand Guidelines to File Formats.

Review your proof

You can review your project electronically or in print.

Soft (electronic) proof.
A soft proof is a digital image, usually a PDF or JPG file, viewed on your monitor. Request this type of proof if you just want to check for typos and other errors one last time before printing.

Keep in mind that unless your monitor is color calibrated, colors on your soft proof may not exactly match the colors on the final printouts. Pantone colors also may not appear correctly on your monitor.

Hard proof (print).
For an additional fee, you can request a hard proof, usually an Epson or Kodak color printout. Request this type of proof if you want to check color accuracy.

Receive finished job

For quantities of 5,000 and less, it usually takes five to seven business days for printing and finishing. You may be able to expedite the process for additional cost.