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This is the Cleveland Clinic Global Narrative – the long-form description of our organization that was created by our caregivers and differentiates us from other hospital systems. It is our “story” – a guide for all caregivers to tell a consistent story about Cleveland Clinic. It is not meant to be read or used verbatim. Rather, it provides broad ideas for caregivers, using examples (proof points) from your own experiences and work here to bring this story to life. Please contact Corporate Communications with any questions at 216-444-0141.


Healthcare continues to experience unprecedented transformation. Research and technology are driving even more effective treatment options, improving longevity, and expanding access to quality care. At the same time, the industry faces new challenges such as rising costs of care, physician burnout, and instability in healthcare policy. Those challenges, in turn, are pushing the industry toward innovation: to use data to its highest potential, harness technology to improve outcomes, drive best practices across a healthcare system and achieve true value-based care. That work is happening at Cleveland Clinic. We work every day to serve more patients, create more value, and improve the well-being of all caregivers.

Integrated Message

Cleveland Clinic is a global leader and model of healthcare for the future. We work as a team with the patient at the center of care. As a truly integrated healthcare delivery system, we take on the most complex cases and provide collaborative, multidisciplinary care supported with cutting-edge research and technology. We treat patients and fellow caregivers as family and Cleveland Clinic as our home.

Our vision is to become the best place to receive healthcare anywhere, and the best place to work in healthcare. Our goals for achieving that are bold, but reachable: To serve more patients, create more value and improve the well-being of all caregivers.

As we grow and double the number of patients served by 2024, everything we do and every place we are located will bear the unmistakable stamp of One Cleveland Clinic –with the same quality, experience and Care Priorities at every location.

We care for our patients as if they are family.

VISION: Become the best place for care, anywhere.

We provide patients with high-quality, integrated care, enabled by technology. We are known to provide world-class care through:

  • Multi-disciplinary approach that brings different clinical perspectives to a patient’s care.
  • Patient inclusion in clinical-rounding discussions, to ensure patients are active participants in their care.
  • Daily tiered huddles that allow all caregivers to address the most pressing needs of patients and the organization.
  • Office of Patient Experience using real-time data to measure how well caregivers are delivering in the areas of comfort, empathy and communications.
  • Salaried physicians measured by quality metrics, clinical outcomes and research–not productivity goals.

We are committed to the communities we serve.

VISION: Treat our neighbors as families and our communities as home.

Cleveland Clinic is committed to creating healthier communities in the areas we serve including Ohio, where we are an anchor institution, Nevada and Florida. We provide:

  • Community benefits totaling over $900 million in 2017, including education and research, financial assistance, Medicaid shortfall, subsidized health services, and outreach programs.
  • Economic and educational empowerment.Cleveland Clinic is the largest employer in the state and Northeast Ohio, specifically. Through direct and indirect employment of 119,720 people, our economic impact in Ohio exceeds $18 billion and is helping to develop a jobs pipeline from local schools, neighborhoods and regional facilities.
  • Tailored care to reduce the incidence of our community’s most serious health issues —opioid addiction and infant mortality.

We treat our fellow caregivers as if they were family.

VISION: Become the best place to work in healthcare.

Cleveland Clinic’s 66,000 caregivers need the organization’s support to live our values of quality/safety, teamwork, inclusion, empathy, innovation and integrity. To do this we:

  • Encourage teamwork and innovation to enable every caregiver –from physician to environmental services –to be the best.
  • Create multidisciplinary teams because complex care requires a team of experts to address our patients’ needs.
  • Launched the first Office of Caregiver Experience to create the optimal work environment based on input from caregivers.
  • Support diversity by hiring caregivers of different backgrounds -29% are people of color and 75% are female. We were also the first medical system in Ohio to raise our minimum wage to $15 an hour.

We treat the organization as our home.

VISION: Double the number of patients served in the next five years. 

To grow responsibly, we are committed to being stewards of our resources, bringing our services to all who need our care, while also keeping an eye on improvement.

  • Fund raise to support growth and innovation. In 2018, Cleveland Clinic received $218 million from 75,000 generous donors.
  • Extend our reach. In 2018, we reached 69% more patients via telemedicine than the year before.
  • Improve patient outcomes by collecting and analyzing data in our Healthcare Delivery Science Center.
  • Invest in facilities to help us serve more patients in more places, including the Ohio area, Florida, Las Vegas, Toronto and Abu Dhabi. In 2021, Cleveland Clinic
  • London will open with 185 beds, 1,100 caregivers and 200 physicians.

The Foundation of Care: Research and Education

Cleveland Clinic’s ability to provide world-class patient care and best-in-class clinicians is the product our commitment to research and education, which has also contributed significant advancements toward the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical challenges.

  • The Lerner Research Institute is home to all laboratory-based, translational and clinical biomedical research at Cleveland Clinic. More than 1,200 scientists and support personnel collaborate with clinical researchers to unravel the mysteries of disease.
  • The opening of our Health Education Campus in partnership with Case Western Reserve University is a milestone project that will teach healthcare professionals to be members of interdisciplinary teams and promote lifelong learning.
  • Our Education Institute offers one of the nation’s largest physician-graduate training programs. Residents from around the worldcome here for training in specialty areas and advanced fellowship work in more specialized disciplines.