Our History

Clinic Building in 1921From the first day it opened its doors in 1921, Cleveland Clinic has been providing the best patient care in an environment that fosters research, education, and collaboration.

Cleveland Clinic was founded by four prominent doctors with vision to spare. Three had worked together in a military hospital during World War I, where they learned the value of teamwork. Together, they set out to create a doctor-led, not-for-profit medical center, a model unique for its time.

They were crystal-clear about their mission: “Provide better care of the sick, investigation into their problems, and further education of those who serve.”

That mission continued as Cleveland Clinic grew steadily in its early decades and the world took notice of its heart center. In the 1950s, coronary angiography was discovered at Cleveland Clinic, and in 1967, doctors at Cleveland Clinic performed the first coronary artery bypass surgery.

Beginning in the 1980s and continuing today, Cleveland Clinic grew by leaps and bounds – building a network of hospitals, expanding its main campus, and extending its international presence with Cleveland Clinic Canada,  Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Cleveland Clinic London.

Through it all, Cleveland Clinic has stayed true to its ideals, creating an environment where outstanding doctors and caregivers can perform at their best, advance the profession, and provide world-class care for all patients.